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The Company BFB Capital LLC involved in register of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Our company provides the access to transactions with non- deliverable over-the-counter financial instruments for managing funds and its maximization using modern technologies and European customer service standards
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Why BFB Capital

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Invest in 1600 instruments
Access to securities, foreign currency, precious metals, stock indices, futures contracts, interest rates and Exchange Traded Funds.
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Trusted and regulated broker
BFB Capital LLC is included in the register of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus under No. 13 of 05.11.2018 in accordance with Decree No. 231.
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Ultra Fast execution
Thanks to STP-technology, trading is carried out in a real market environment with spreads from 0.0 pips and an average transaction processing speed of 85 ms.
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Tax exemption
According to clause 20 of Decree No. 231 "On the implementation of activities in the OTC Forex market" individuals are exempt from income tax until March 1, 2019.
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Segregated accounts
BFB Capital LLC has special accounts in banks of the Republic of Belarus where stores 50% of the marginal security of customers and transfers 5% to the guarantee fund.
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No requotes
Our advanced trading technologies and direct access to high liquidity make possible to avoid requotes, ensuring accurate performance at the best price at any given time.
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Safe investment
It is advisable to earn and increase money where there are a lot of them. In 2018, even with the complication of trade due to the pan-European ESMA directive that came into force, the volume of the Forex industry was $ 93 trillion. Investing in Forex along with the financial instruments of BSE Capital will allow you to secure and maximize profits.  BFB Capital is a company that conducts secure transactions with non-deliverable over-the-counter financial instruments. By connecting to us, you get the opportunity to work with hundreds of foreign currencies, precious metals, securities and other high-yield instruments.
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One of the main advantages of BFB Capital is the complete control of investment with a professional Forex company. Even if you do not have a great experience of investing in Forex, with us you will discover a lot of opportunities:  detailed statistics that helps to study in detail the investment strategy;  a calculator to calculate the size of the risk and the profits;  operation management from mobile devices.  You can create a personal account and open a Forex account right now by instantly gaining access to platform technology solutions that will help you manage and maximize your fund’s profits.
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World class Platforms xStation5, MetaTrader 4
Working with us, those wishing to engage in Forex investments get the opportunity to use the functionality of the xStation5 tech platform.  An intuitive interface, exploring the depth market sentiment, charting, calculator and statistics — these advantages helped the xStation5 platform to receive the Best Platform 2016 award from Online Personal Wealth Awards.  There is also the MetaTrader4 platform, which allows you to work with currencies, commodities, stocks and other financial instruments through any Internet browser or computer program.

World class Platforms

xStation5 is a unique and high-quality development of a well-known in the financial world liquidity provider - x Open Hub (XTB). The platform allows  to work with a variety of financial instruments - currencies, commodities, CFD shares, ETFs through any Internet browser or desktop version. xStation5 - a new milestone in the industry of investing in financial markets.

XStation 5 Platform receives award
“Best Platform 2016” from Online Personal Wealth Awards.

  • Easy for using, fully customizable 
  • Excellent speed of fullfilment
  • Market depth, market sentiment
  • Trading charts, trading calculator, statistics
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Investing in 1600+ global markets

Most popularForexIndicesCommoditiesEquity CFDETFs
InstrumentSell priceBuy priceSpreadDaily changeDate
DE3012389.6 12391.8 2.2 -0.34%20.09.2019 22:59
EU503535.3 3537.5 2.2 -0.23%20.09.2019 22:59
EURUSD1.1019 1.10192 0.00002 -0.21%20.09.2019 22:59
GBPUSD1.24697 1.24704 0.00007 -0.44%20.09.2019 22:59
GOLD1516.41 1516.69 0.28 1.18%20.09.2019 22:59
OIL63.59 63.62 0.03 -1.82%20.09.2019 22:59
OIL.WTI58.48 58.51 0.03 -0.27%20.09.2019 22:59
UK1007290.5 7291.9 1.4 -0.45%20.09.2019 22:59
US5002991.7 2992.2 0.5 -0.51%20.09.2019 22:59
USDJPY107.545 107.548 0.003 -0.45%20.09.2019 22:59
USDPLN3.9702 3.9718 0.0016 1.12%20.09.2019 22:59

Company news

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Sep 19, 2019
Algorithmic Trading Application
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Aug 9, 2019
Partner program
New mobile trading platform - xMobile / XOH Trader
Jun 13, 2019
New mobile trading platform - xMobile / XOH Trader
When performing transactions in the OTC Forex market, the possibility of making a profit is inextricably linked with the risk of losses.