When performing transactions in the OTC Forex market, the possibility of making a profit is inextricably linked with the risk of losses. Ownership and other rights to the underlying assets are not transferred to clients.

Invest and get literes

Investment has never paid such dividends. Become a member of BFB Capital and get cashback in the amount of 25% as a fuel that can be used for more than 570 filling station “Belorusneft”.

— Egor Serikov, CEO

We are pleased to present a new loyalty program for Belarusian market and express our gratitude to our clients for their contribution to the development of FB Capital. We unite several technological solutions- a mobile App Drive&Pay for refueling a car from “Belorusneft”, a virtual bank card “Belorusneft” for depositing cashback from transactions with financial instruments. The members of BFB Capital get payment in US dollars in the amount of 25% from commissions which will be able to pay both for fuel and make any purchase on the Internet.

— Egor Serikov, CEO

Refuel your car through the app Drive&Pay without checkout line!

Become a client of BFB Capital
Activate the bottom “BFB Club” in Client Office
Make transactions
Download Drive&Pay and add a card

Using GPS in a smartphone the app Drive&Pay accurately determines which filling station you are at, allows you to build a route to the nearest filling station “Belorusneft” or refuel a friend’s car without being at the filling station.

Join the club BFB Capital-get maximum!

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