Coronavirus: market update

Global coronavirus cases surpassed 1,6 million today with over 362,000 recoveries. The number of people confirmed to have died as result of the coronavirus reached almost 97,000.
The US remains the epicentre of the disease, with more than 468,000 reported cases and nearly 16,700 deaths, more than 29% of total cases.
Spain is the worst-affected European country, with 157,022 infected cases, followed by Italy 143,626, Germany 118,235 and France 117,749.
 Italy is still the country with highest death toll of 18,279. The number of fatalities exceeded 15,800 in Spain and 12,210 in France. Germany’s coronavirus death toll increased to 2607.   The daily death rate in Spain fell again on Friday as the country registered 605 fatalities over the past 24 hours, the health ministry said.   Iran is the country most affected by the pandemic in the Middle East recorded a total of 68,192 confimred cases and 35,465 recoveries. The total number of new cases increased by 1,972 in the past 24 hours. Over 3,900 people were in critical condition.
Total death toll  rose to 4,232 on Friday of which 122 people lost lives within the last 24 hours, according to a health ministry spokesman.  
Acording to Reuters, China's Wuhan city, where the global pandemic began, is still testing residents regularly despite relaxing its tough two-month lockdown, with the country wary of a rebound in cases even as it sets its sights on normalising the economy.
Concerns remain over an influx of infected patients from overseas as well as China's ability to detect asymptomatic patients, and the government in Wuhan has tried to reassure the public that it remains vigilant.
Officials in Wuhan said on Friday the city will spend 200 million yuan ($28.4 million) to renovate the province's farmers' markets, as part of a campaign to improve hygiene. Several of the early coronavirus cases were linked to a seafood market in Wuhan that also sold other species, suggesting that the new virus may have jumped from an animal traded there to people. Hubei officials will also ban trade of wild animals and live animals when they markets reopen.
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Coronavirus: market update
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