Coronavirus: market update

• The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases surpassed 5.10 million of which more than 329 000 died and over 2.03 million recovered. • US remain the epicenter of the disease with over 1.59 million cases. Russia, now the second worst-hit country, registered 317,554 cases. Latin America overtook the United States and Europe in the past week to report the largest portion of new daily cases globally. A large number of those new cases came from Brazil, which recently surpassed Germany, France and the United Kingdom to become the third most infected country in the world. Number of new infections is still rising around the world. Russia's authorities reported 8,849 new cases of the novel coronavirus. Brazil Health Ministry reported nearly 20,000 new infections in a single day. Brazil's confirmed case tally now stands at 293,357. Cases in Brazil are now rising at a daily pace second only to the United States. Source: Financial Times

More than 100,000 new cases were reported yesterday. This is the third such day since the outbreak started. Wednesda figure came in well above 7-day average which currently stands at 93 963. Source: Worldometers   • Indonesia announced a ban on domestic air and sea travel at the start of Ramadan to contain the outbreak but has since eased some of those restrictions, prompting confusion and criticism among civil society groups. Experts worry travel for the Eid holiday could lead to new infections.
• Japan will lift state of emergency in Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo as the number of COVID-10 infections fell. Meantime, Tokyo and four other prefectures, including the northern island of Hokkaido, would remain under the state of emergency.
Indonesia reported its biggest daily rise in new coronavirus infections on Wednesday. Meantime, cases in Japan have been stabilizing. Source: Financial Times
• Mexico's health ministry on Wednesday registered 2,248 new coronavirus infections. The new infections brought confirmed coronavirus cases to 56,594 according to the official tally. Mexico registered its biggest daily increase yet in infections on Tuesday, when it reported 2,713 new cases.
• Peru's number of confirmed coronavirus cases surpassed 100,000, the Ministry of Health reported on Wednesday. There are 104,020 confirmed cases in the South American country, which has been under nationwide lockdown since March, and the death toll rose to 3,024, the ministry said.
 Latin American countries are still seeing accelerating numbers of new infections. Source: Financial Times
• South Africa recorded its first neonatal coronavirus death on Wednesday, as the death toll jumped by 27 to 339. The two-day old baby was born prematurely and had lung difficulties which required ventilation support immediately after birth, Health minister Zweli Mkhize said in a statement Africa South, which has the highest coronavirus infections in Africa, reported 803 new cases in a 24-hour cycle, taking the total to 18,003.   • The US is the country with more deaths caused by the virus with over 94 thousand, followed by the UK, Italy, France and Spain.
Yesterday 4 685 people have died due to coronavirus. Wednesday's figure came in above 7-day average, which currently stands at 4 447.Source: Worldometers
• Mexico's health ministry on Wednesday registered an additional 424 fatalities, a record one-day death toll since the start of the pandemic. Mexico registered 6,090 deaths in total. Brazil Health Ministry reported 888 new deaths. The total number of deaths due to the virus has already exceeded 18,000. Daily death rate seem to be accelerating in Latin American countries like Mexico and Brazil Source: Financial Times
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Coronavirus: market update
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