Coronavirus: market update

• In Europe, a second wave of infections continues to hit several countries across the region. Spain recorded 27,404 new infections since Friday, bringing the country’s total to 593,730. Meanwhile stricter measures were imposed in Bordeaux and Marseille due to surging number of new cases. Meanwhile in the US the average daily number of new coronavirus infections is declining, however seven states reported record one-day increases in COVID-19 cases so far this month.

On Monday 242 555 new coronavirus cases were reported. Meanwhile 7-day average rose  to 273 753. Source: Worldometers

• US is reporting approximately 35,000 new infections on average each day, down from a peak in July of about 70,000 a day, according to a Reuters analysis.
• The Czech Republic reported a surge in daily new COVID-19 cases to as many as 1,541 on Saturday, multiples of the numbers it was recording in the spring and among the highest per capita numbers in Europe in recent weeks.
• Total number of cases in Romania surpassed 104,000 cases, and country is reporting  on average 1,000  new cases a day since July. The spike has been among Europe's fastest, together with Spain, France, Malta and Croatia, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Arkansas, Illinois, North Dakota, South Carolina, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming reported record one-day increases in cases in September. Source: Financial Times

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Coronavirus: market update
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