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Cryptocurrencies: Jamaica Stock Exchange considers listing security tokens


  • Harvard University, Levi Strauss and New America want to improve labour welfare using blockchain
  • Jamaica Stock Exchange considers listing security tokens
  • Another boring day on the cryptocurrency market

Friday's trading on the cryptocurrency market does not seem to be especially fascinating and different compared to previous days. Major cryptocurrencies - including Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum - have not experienced more sizeable price movements so far. According to CoinMarketCap, the capitalization of the whole crypto market stands a little below the $120 billion handle while the capitalization of the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin sits nearly the $63 billion mark.

Friday seems to be another dull day for the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BITCOIN on xStation5) as it has not seen any major moves thus far today. Source: xStation5

Jamaica Stock Exchange is planning to list security tokens

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) and Blockstation, which is a technology partner of the JSE, announced that the first part of blockchain trading pilot had been finished.  The JSE was teamed up with the Toronto-based company called Blockstation in August 2018. The mentioned part of the blockchain pilot lasted 60 days and it allowed selected market participants to trade digital currencies live. Marlene Street Forest (the Managing Director of the JSE) said that they are “looking forward to moving to the next stage of pilot which would eventually include the listing of security tokens”, as Jamaica Observer reported. Moreover, the final aim of this project is to “demonstrate the complete lifecycle of the digital asset ecosystem”, as we could read in a Blockstation’s announcement concerning the mentioned completion.

Ripple (RIPPLE on xStation5), like its bigger peer Bitcoin, has not experienced major price movements so far today, and it is trading a notch above the $0.31 handle at press time. Source: xStation5

Harvard University, Levi Strauss and New America want to improve labour welfare using blockchain

The Harvard University (a top-tier US university), Levi Strauss (a company producing jeans), New America (a US think tank) are cooperating to research a potential of using blockchain in improving of working conditions. Moreover, New America wrote on Thursday that US Department of State gave $800,000 for a project. The first stage of the blockchain-based project will start in the 2nd quarter of the current year in three Mexican factories (they employ cumulatively 5 thousand of workers) producing for Levis Strauss, and the second part is planned for 2020. The project is aimed to improve workers’ welfare using this modern technology. What’s more, the blockchain-powered system will be developed by ConsenSys (a New York-based blockchain software company), and it will be based on some Harvard’s welfare index.

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