Economic calendar: Fed speakers and US politics

  • European markets seen slightly higher

  • Democrats to vote on 25th Amendment resolution

  • 6 speeches from Fed members

European stock markets are seen opening slightly higher following yesterday's sell-off. Today's economic calendar is almost empty with the API report on oil inventories being the only noteworthy reading. Having said that, trading is likely to focus on the ongoing political cases. Democrats will vote today on a resolution asking Vice President Pence to invoke 25th Amendment to remove Trump from the office. However, it is unlikely that he will agree and vote on impeachment articles tomorrow looks to be a more probable option. Elsewhere, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is expected to announce changes to the cabinet today so some volatility may arrive on the CAD market in the afternoon

9:40 pm GMT - API report on oil inventories.

Central bankers' speeches

  • 2:30 pm GMT - Fed Bostic

  • 2:35 pm GMT - Fed Brainard

  • 4:00 pm GMT - Fed Bostic

  • 4:00 pm GMT - Fed Kaplan

  • 5:00 pm GMT - Fed Mester

  • 6:00 pm GMT - Fed George

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