FOMC minutes: The Fed sees rising yields, but ...

FOMC minutes do not bring much volatility. Looking at the details of the talks, words such as "hike", "tapering" or "normalization" are not used. Therefore, it can be seen that the attitude of US bankers has not changed.

The Fed points out that it will be a long time before full employment is achieved and prices stabilize. According to the Fed, the debt market works well, although the liquidity situation deteriorated slightly at the end of February. The interest rate market indicates the expectation of possible changes, but the Fed remains unchanged in terms of its expectations. The Fed is not currently worried about rising inflation or higher yields.

The Fed did not surprise, but the minutes did not contain absolutely anything that could indicate preparations for any changes in the coming months. Indices react positively, however volatility remains very limited. Source: xStation5

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