Kodak surges amid new findings on government loan

Eastman Kodak Co (KODK.US) shares soared during today’s session amid new findings concerning $765 million loan from the U.S. government. Earlier there were some allegations about possible wrongdoing as Kodak stock had jumped even before the loan was announced. Therefore the SEC opened investigation to examine the issue. Kodak decided to hire a special committee to solve whether these allegations about disclosure issues were true - today the firm announced that the committee said none of those violated the law.

As Kodak stock saw some huge swings at the end of July, the daily chart does not really reflect price changes in recent days (note that shares surged over 70% on July 27!). Today Kodak opened with a huge bullish gap (orange circle) and price is currently rising more than 30%. Nevertheless, the gap between current levels and levels seen after the loan announcement (end of July) are enormous! Source: xStation

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