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Mark Zuckerberg says blockchain might be implemented into some Facebook systems


  • Mark Zuckerberg says blockchain might be implemented into some Facebook systems
  • Founder of Reddit: Crypto winter may lead to spring of crypto innovation
  • Bitcoin closed yesterday’s trading a little below $3900

Bitcoin experienced a drop on Thursday after several days of rises. The largest cryptocurrency closed trading a little below $3900. However, the Bitcoin drop was rather slight compared to the previous gains. Other major cryptos, including Ripple and Ethereum, also saw some losses during Thursday’s trading. On the other hand, most of major cryptocurrencies have begun Friday’s trading in moderately bullish moods. According to CoinMarketCap, the capitalization of the whole crypto market stands a little below the $135 billion handle whereas the largest virtual currency Bitcoin accounts for roughly 51.9% of this value on Friday morning.

Thursday brought a drop for the largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BITCOIN on xStation5). However, the virtual currency has managed to recoup its yesterday’s loss so far today. Source: xStation5

Zuckerberg says blockchain might be implemented into some Facebook systems

The famous Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg participated in a video talk with Jonathan Zittrain, who is a professor of the Harvard Law School. Zuckerberg said during the discussion that Facebook could use blockchain technology in some systems to make developers free from the intermediaries’ impact. In this case, developers could create their apps without concerns related to losing access (for example, in the situation of violating intermediary’s policy). In a nutshell, blockchain could allow that people using such apps would be connected directly with people serving it without any intermediaries. Moreover, it is worth noting that Facebook acquired the smart contract company called Chainspace some time ago.

The area around the $150 mark seems to be a technical obstacle for Ethereum (ETHEREUM on xStation5) bulls. The mentioned area stopped the latest Ethereum gains. The third largest virtual currency is trading a little below this area at press time. Source: xStation5

Founder of Reddit thinks crypto losses may lead to spring of crypto innovation

Alexis Ohanian, who is a founder of the social media website Reddit, produced also some crypto remarks during his interview with Yahoo Finance. Ohanian said that the current “crypto winter” (it’s probably related to crypto drops in recent months) could bring ultimately some benefits. The founder of Reddit remarked that “speculators have fled and the people who are now building on crypto are true believers” due to such a situation. Moreover, Alexis Ohanian said cryptocurrency investors should look over the short run to search profits.

On Thursday Ripple (RIPPLE on xStation5) erased gains from two previous days. The cryptocurrency is moving around the Monday’s closing price on Friday morning. Source: xStation5

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