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Two Bitcoin developers send lightning payment using radio waves


  • Dash Core Group to reduce its staff
  • Two Bitcoin developers send lightning payment using radio waves
  • Bitcoin rises after three days of drops

Monday brought sizeable drops in the cryptocurrency market continuing the weekend’s gloomy moods. However, Tuesday has started quite positively as major cryptos have gone up after three days of declines. As a result, the largest virtual currency Bitcoin has returned above the $3700 mark (it closed yesterday’s trading around $3675) during Tuesday’s trading. According to CoinMarketCap, the capitalization of the whole cryptocurrency market stands a little below the $128 billion handle whereas the market capitalization of altcoins sits around the $61 billion handle at press time.

Bitcoin (BITCOIN on xStation5) has rebounded after three consecutive days of drops. The yesterday’s drop pushed the largest cryptocurrency to below $3700, but Bitcoin has managed to recoup a part of this decline returning above the mentioned level during Tuesday’s trading. Source: xStation5

Two Bitcoin developers make payment over radio waves

Cryptocurrencies seem to be inseparably linked to the Internet as it allowed to popularize them. However, two Bitcoin developers decided to show that there are also other alternative ways of doing crypto payments. Namely, Rodolfo Novak (a co-founder of Bitcoin company CoinKite) sent a Bitcoin lightning payment to Elaine Ou (a Bloomberg columnist) using radio waves. As a result, Bitcoin was moved from San Francisco (US) to Toronto (Canada). The transaction was organized on Twitter some days ago. While radio waves do not seem to be the ideal way of transmitting cryptocurrencies, it might be potentially the alternative for the Internet payments.

Ethereum (ETHEREUM on xStation5), like its bigger peer Bitcoin, has launched today’s trading in green. The digital currency is trading in the vicinity of the $128 handle at press time. Source: xStation5.

Dash’s company to reduce its staff

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group (the company behind the popular cryptocurrency Dash) announced that his company wants to lay off its four employees. It means that Dash Core Group decreases its staff by around 8%. Taylor explained on the Dash Forum that the company decided to make such a step to “reduce costs and align them with the available budget”. The planned reduction hit three business functions - HR, Strategy and Business Development. Note that the HR department will be eliminated. Ryan Taylor underlined that a decision had not been light and the company had found other ways to cut costs in recent several months.

Ripple (RIPPLE on xStation5) has increased during the first half of today’s trading. However, the virtual currency has not managed to recover totally the yesterday’s drop thus far. Source: xStation5.

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