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US30 at lowest levels this year

The depreciation on risky assets takes a turn for the worse in the second half of the session. US stock indices began trading with downward gaps, and the following hours bring a deepening of the discount. The three main US indices, namely the US30, US100 and US500, are down about 2%, with the US2000 trading 3% lower!

As for the technical situation, the most noteworthy is the contact based on the Dow Jones (US30). Looking at the chart, the quotations have fallen below the lows of June, which means that we are currently observing the lowest levels this year! If the downward movement continues, the level of 29365 points, which is due to the equality with the previous downward impulse, should be considered as the closest support.


US30 D1 interval. Source: xStation5

As for the lower time frame - H1, it can be seen that the course is behaving technically. Recent corrections have been very similar in terms of range, which, according to the Overbalance methodology, confirms the downward sentiment. The declines are also supported by the average of the last 100 periods. In case of a possible correction, the key short-term resistance is the level of 30080 points.



US30 H1 interval. Source: xStation5

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